Favorite AR Gear: Tony's Pick!

Favorite Anytime Retail Gear?!


Tony Nicholson sporting his favorite Anytime Retail gear!

Why we love Tony (fun fact's about Tony Nicholson):

  • Tony Nicholson is the Director of Anytime Health at the Anytime Fitness Corporate office
  • He likes tattoos and has a running man tattoo with his club number (#255 out of 2,100 clubs in the system)
  • Tony is the first person to get the Anytime Health tattoo

  • He was the second person to run both the Tough Mudder & the Warrior Dash in 2012 at AF Corp (second to the CEO, Mr. Chuck Runyon)


Why Tony loves his Men's Vertical AF Tee:

  • It's purple!
  • Tony loves the slim, athletic fit
  • The side pattern is cool (versus a traditional pattern)
  • Did he mention he loves the color of it?



Do you have a favorite item or items from Anytime Retail?! If so, please snap a photo of yourself sporting your favorite gear and send the photo along with fun facts about yourself and why you love Anytime Retail/your favorite items to Emily at

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